Portfolio: Anna Ørberg 2019


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"Urban Backdrop", oil, acrylic, spray, print on canvas, plastic, glass and rubber mat.
From the group exhibition 'A play, a tale' in Rundetaarn, August, 2019.


"Casus Belli", illustrations, 2019.


"Leviathan", curated by Piscine (Mark Tholander, Jens Settergren and Anna Ørberg)
group exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus 2019.
Documentation and videos


"A wildfire's desire lines", custom t-shirt collection by Piscine in collaboration with Bergman and Salinas, edition of 29

"OS", video, 10:07, by Piscine (Jens Settergren, Mark Tholander & Anna Ørberg) watch here stills below:

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