Welcome to the Serverbuilding. As you may notice the premises of the building, its proportions and spatial dimensions exceed the measures of your browser window. It represents a total expansion and transcendence of all physical limits. However, please continue your navigation.

Follow the server rack to get to the Gateway.
Enter the serverbuilding through the Firewall.
Reach the motherboard by ascending the Backbone - the Information Highway.
The information desk: Here you will be introduced to the protocol (file transfer protocol) - a communication tool essential to any art institution.

After getting acquainted with the rules of behaviour proceed to the CPU Core.
Now you access the CPU: This is the core of the institution, the Central Processing Unit, the cognitive part of the building, the "brain", the part of the art experience allowing the ultimate level of reflection and abstraction.
By the way, notice the absence of gravity in the establishment!

Exit the server structure through one of numerous output devices - for instance leave the premises through your laser printer (make sure your printer is connected and give it a try by clicking below).