Order a WWW.OPISAFAG.DK unique e-mail account. Be quick - there are only 10 available accounts all consisting of HTTP status codes (404, 400, 504 etc.) translated to binary and delivered to you on Secure Active Cards (pic below: floppy disks - absolutely impossible to crack since people rarely possess floppy disk drives these days). To activate it you simply install the floppy disk using an external disk drive. On the disk you find an image file with your personal e-mail account, a link and a password. Go to the link, log in to your account, and start using your new opisafag email account.

contact: sales department to order the Active Card
e-mails available:
204 No Content: 001100100011000000110100@opisafag.dk
300 Multiple Choices: 001100110011000000110000@opisafag.dk
400 Bad Request: 001101000011000000110000@opisafag.dk
404 Not Found: 001101000011000000110100@opisafag.dk
415 Unsupported Media Type: 001101000011000100110101@opisafag.dk
417 Expectation Failed:SOLD 001101000011000100110111@opisafag.dk
450 Blocked by Windows Parental Controls: 001101000011010100110000@opisafag.dk
502 Bad Gateway: 001101010011000000110010@opisafag.dk
504 Gateway Timeout: 001101010011000000110100@opisafag.dk
Exclusive Error Mail: 0110010101110010011100100110111101110010@opisafag.dk