here are some ways to translate your poetry or other texts to a language more compatible with the websphere

This is an example of the usage of the recaptcha concept which enables you to recycle elements of the literature history in a new more relevant context. This will allow you to work in the tradition of the dada movement. Aimed at those who wish to operate in the avantgarde field, but find it hard to come up with avantgarde and narrow texts that are difficult to comprehend for the reader.

word art from microsoffft is a tool to make art with words and art based on a concept or thought otherwise known as conceptual art.

Binary code is lovely for mixing the data world with the literary world and should be a pleasure for you, if you seek a more scientific approach to the art of poetry. try using it in debates and discussions as a solid ground for logics and argumentation.

Meta Tags are useful for texts aiming for a higher level of abstraction giving complex thoughts a broader appeal.